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Swat set for group of 30 persons
Jungle theme for group of 10 in a table
Alice in wonderland theme for 10-12 group
Stormtrooper theme for a group of 15 in a table
Star Wars theme for a group of 10-20 for D&D or wedding 
Yoda and Chewbacca with electronic masks
Retro theme for a group of 10 persons in a table
Harry Potter Set for 100 persons 
Also available Dumbledore,Dementor,Mcgonagall 
Forest theme costumes {5 days advance notice}
Extremely funny ride on costumes for group of 10 up
A   Royal   collection   of    Prince   costumes   for   a   table   of    10-12   persons
A Fairy Tale
Princess Theme
for a group of
beautiful  princesses
from your favorite
Costume Shop.
Our prize winning selection Lord   of   the   Rings 
Lord    of   the
rings   costumes
Our   best 
selection   for
best   dressed.
Flintstones group for a group of 10
Superhero group from 10 upto 100 persons.(Special animated Hulk mask)
Bling bling party with Led hats for 10-50 pax
Minion Theme party for up to 50 pax
God of Fortune Group for 20 plus Fu Lu and Shou
Smurf group Set for 10 pax (men and women)
Prisoner group(men and women)with guards
Hawaii Theme for groups upto 20 pax.
Our wicked collection for men(group of 10)
Journey to the West- We have 4 main characters (white horse available) plus Na Jia,bull king(coming soon) and other characters like Emperor and Empress,Eunuchs,Goddess of mercy,White bone spirit and many more arriving everyday. Call us today
Outer space theme for groups of 10 and above.
S$110 instock
Super Mario brothers( green dragon available also) 10-12 pax
1001 Arabian nights - upto 20 pax group
Thai tribal costumes for 10 pax ladies ( 3 weeks notice)
Greatest showman theme featuring ringmaster for men and ladies,bearded lady,clowns,animals,muscle man,juggler,
and many more for upto 50 pax.

Digital Costumes - glasses and gloves, Tron Costume and capes

el mj costume.jpg
silver costume.jpg
led badge.jpg
 Text can be programmed

Old Singapore Costumes for upto 50 pax

samsui women.jpg
money lenders.jpg
Descendants of the Sun costumes 10 pax(2 weeks)

A Chinese ghost story

chinese ghost story rerelease poster.jpg
s-l300 (1).jpg
China Palace for 500 pax and above
china palace 4 costumes.png
china palace1.jpg
china palace2.jpg
china palace3.png
Christmas Selection(Advance booking required due to very heavy bookings)
basic santa costume.jpg

Basic Santa Set

Top, Pants, Belt, Beard, Hat and Gloves at only $19.90

While stocks last

deluxe santa.jpg

Deluxe Santa Set

Top, Pants, Belt, Beard, Hat, Gloves,

Boot Covers, Glasses, Bell and Sack

$99.00 .While stocks last.

cracker costume.jpg
gingerbread costume.jpg
grinch costume.jpg
mary costume.jpg
moses costume.jpg
mrs claus costume.jpg
sexy mrs claus costume.jpg
three wise kings.jpg
wiseman costume.jpg
buddy elf.jpg
lady shepherd.jpg
father christmas.jpg
st nicholas.png
super santa.png

Sold out already

Introducing for the first time in Singapore SUPER SANTA. This costume requires advance booking.

Includes: shirt, trousers, hat, cape, masquerade mask and boot covers.

Childrens group for New Year for upto 100 kids (very heavy booking)


Money Heist Costumes for groups from 10 to 30(mask,gun & overall)


Game of Thrones costumes and props for a group of 20

GOT new.png
got 3.jpg
got 3 crown.png
wun wun mask.jpg

1875 Best Dressed Individuals and Groups so far

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